Fòcare invites artists and cultural operators, both Italian and foreigners, to submit their proposals for the residency program Fòcare 2017, Art and Nature, that will take place in Villa Littorio - Laurino (SA) from December 10th to 23rd.

This is an initiative that emerges from the need to offer opportunities of cultural formation and exchange in order to create a dialogue between contemporary art practices, rural areas and small communities. A collaborative platform that aims to research, inquire and disseminate issues related to themes such us rite, environment, ecology and sustainability.

During the residence, the selected artists will have the chance to participate in some training activities (workshops, seminars) organized by the Fòcare permanent collective. In return they will be committed to bring to a final stage the projects or interventions they have been selected for.

Deadline for application: November 28rd, 2017, 00.00
Publication of results: by 1st December 2017
Art residency program: from 10th to 23rd December 2017
Final event: December 23rd, 2017


Fòcare refers, in the local meaning , to large bonfires that are lit up in public spaces, generally at the crossroads of the streets. They preciously represent what is left of ancient pagan rites for abundance and propitiation. Usually burned up during the solstices, these were later incorporated into Christian liturgical recurrences, for this reason signs of such practices are found in celebrations like St. John’s Day and the Christmas Night.

The residency project was born to create a space of exchange between the local community and the one formed by the artists in residence, a space of dialogue and confrontation that questions the role of art and consider the potential that this has of conveying new forms of community while preserving the local traditions.
Over the years, Fòcare has become a permanent lab that researches on topics related to the relationship between art, society and territory, generating processes that operate outside the commercial circuit of art.

The third edition will pay particular attention to projects that:

The selected projects will be part of the final event of Fòcare 2017 - Art and Nature, which will re-elaborate the aspects and the contents of the archaic rite of the Fòcara’s making. Therefore it needs to be underlined that the project will not produce a real exhibition but an hybrid and participatory representation that will be created collectively throughout the residency. This will involve the local people and will take place widespread on the streets of the small hamlet of Villa Littorio. The workshops and training activities that will be proposed during the residency will be addressed to the creation of an ensemble that can play an encompassing role within the context of the final ritual.

The setting that hosts the residency is the rural village of Villa Littorio (SA), in the heart of the Cilento National Park, the Vallo di Diano and the Alburni Mountains.


Artists, cultural operators and collectives with previous experience in artistic investigation or production related to the arts, the environment and the social sciences.


Individuals or groups who have reached the age of eighteen, of any nationality, sex, race, ethnic origin, religion, belief, disability or sexual orientation.


  1. There are no medium restrictions, the jury reserves the possibility not to consider projects that could put at risk the safety of the working spaces and the people who use them, as well as proposals that contradict the laws currently in force in Italy.
  2. The materials and equipment for the production will be borne by the organization, which will also provide technical and logistical support.
  3. Housing costs are covered by the organization, whereas the artist will have to assure his/her own travel to and from Villa Littorio. The cost of living will be socialized among all participants in the residency.
  4. The selected projects will be part of the final event of Fòcare 2017 - Arte e Natura. The artist’s proposal must be realized and completed within the time of the residency.
  5. The artist authorizes Fòcare to process and use the work (text / audio / photo / video) or a fragment for only cultural and pedagogical purposes. By virtue of what Fòcare says, it acquires the right of reproduction in all its forms including advertising and communication for non-commercial purposes. Authorization does not imply the transfer of copyright that will remain property of the author, Fòcare will guarantee, in any case, the author’s mention. Works' documentation will be produced under creative commons share-alike license.
    The authors, therefore, declare that they exonerate the organization from any allegation of copyright infringement.
  6. The artist undertakes to:
    • Be part of the residency for the agreed time, respecting the rules of coexistence and participating in the scheduled activities.
    • Accomplish the proposal in the times and ways indicated and in order to be presented at the final evening of Fòcare 2017 - Arte e Natura.


Each participant (artist / group) can only submit one project. The proposal must contain the following documentation:

  1. A brief description of the project (max 1 folder) explaining the work you intend to develop within your residency.
  2. A brief biography (max half a folder) with a short presentation of your work.
  3. Digital portfolio, website or other material (photos, video links) that illustrates your work.



Project proposals will be selected by a jury consisting of:

The results of the call will be announced via private e-mail and communicated within five days from the closing day of the call.

The participation in the call will be considered as an agreement with the terms indicated in each part of it and the jury’s judgment which is indisputable.